Instantly create your own reloadable virtual cards

Simple way to get a Virtual Card Online

Universal solutions for getiing a virtual card and making payments through it anywhere online with money transfers around world. Top up your card and make payments and purchases. There is nothing easier! Register an account today and see for yourself!.

Get started instantly

Just Create an account on our website, fund your account with any available deposit options such as PerfectMoney, Payoneer, Skrill etc. Then create a virtual card with your name and fund it. Now start using your virtual card without any restrictions.

Fund or Receive Payments

CVC Wallet provides reloadable virtual cards. So you can reload/fund your virtual card any time. Also you can withdraw money from your virtual card to your CVC Wallet balance if needed. And from your CVC Wallet available balance, you can withdraw to various methods. It's so simple.

Send or Receive

Instead of providing virtual card facility, CVC Wallet also works as a digital wallet. You can send your available CVC Wallet balance to your friends and family. And you can also receive payments using your username and spend that via your card or withdraw that to Bank/PM/BTC etc

Create your card in seconds

With our advanced card creation system, you can create a virtual card in your name instantly.

Create a Virtual Card and Fund it

From your account, just enter the cardholdername and enter an amount to deposit to your virtual card, and hit create. Your virtual Card will be created instantly. Your deposit amount = usable amount via your virtual card. No worries about the deposit, because you can reload your card anytime.

Create or Fund a Virtual Card

Cardholder Name



After creating the card, you will get a billing address for the virtual card.

Track transactions in real-time

You can always track your card transactions in real time from CVC Wallet. So you can verify any websites what sents a code in transaction details. Contact us to get a signed card statement of your virtual card.


Our virtual cards just work as physical cards, they support everywhere!

  • Use for Googe ads

    You can use our virtual cards to Google ads, Google Play Store, Google Console, Google pay and to all Google platforms. They are accepted everywhere.

  • Supported to Facebook ads

    Now a days, Facebook doesn't support virtual cards. But as we said, our cards are same as physical. So our cards are supported to Facebook ads. You can run your campaigns on Facebook with our virtual cards.

  • Supported to Amazon

    You can use our cards for shopping from Amazon. You can also buy amazon AWS account with our cards Everything is out of the boundery.

  • Use our Card Everywhere online

    Our card not only support Google and facebook ads. You can use our card to shop online at any store in the world, you can make payments to any currency. You can get the card from any where in the world.